Am I Drunk Yet?

The fastest way to get drunk, without getting wasted

There are roughly 5 glasses of wine in one bottle. One glass is 150ml / 5oz.

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You're so boring {{gender}}, keep drinking 🍷! Starting to feel a bit of a buzz {{ gender }}? Keep up the good work! You're on your way to get drunk! Keep drinking 🍷! You've hit the sweet spot {{ gender }}! Fun times ahead. I'd wait a bit to continue the drinking for now. You can drink more, but try not to overdo it for now. Ouch {{ gender }}, you were having so much fun that you couldn't stop drinking? Things are getting pretty rough over there, not necessarily in a good way. Stop drinking unless you want to end up in a hospital. I can imagine things don't look that pretty over there right now {{ gender }}. Have you passed out already? Call 911 ASAP. You have alcohol poisoning and have a very high chance of slipping into a coma. I'm sorry {{ gender }}. It was a pleasure to meet you. RIP

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